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Seattle Trek 2014 »

Students show the “T-Mobile” spirit during the 2014 Seattle Trek.

Last week, 26 Atkinson students headed up to Seattle for the fifth annual Seattle Trek organized by the AGSM career center. The trip is designed to open opportunities for students to connect with employers and alumni at the firms visited, and to showcase the quality of Atkinson’s graduates to potential employers for jobs and internships. Students also get a chance to explore the Seattle area, and generally leave feeling encouraged to consider relocating there.

IGSA International Dinner »

This past Saturday night, the International Graduate Students Association (IGSA) held their annual International Dinner.

Learning to Love “The Informational” »

A surprising part of being a business student is the amount of time I now spend in coffee shops, waiting for strangers (or acquaintances) to walk in and tell me about themselves.  That’s right, the Atkinson Program is a strong proponent of “The Informational.” I had heard about informationals prior to coming to Willamette, and […]

Looking Ahead: Spring Registration »

Like many MBA students, I love planning ahead. During my undergraduate experience, registration week was always my favorite part of each semester, and so when this spring’s registration date was announced earlier this month, I was understandably excited.

AMA’s Fall Trek: A Look Inside Craft Brew Alliance »

When I received my schedule for the fall term, I was excited to see that classes were not held on Fridays.  Growing up, three day weekends were the best thing that could happen during the school year, and even now that it’s pretty standard, it still feels like a holiday every time.  Except in graduate […]

The First PACE Presentation… »

Students flock to the Atkinson Graduate School of Management with the understanding that they will come out the other side with the elite skill set of a true business leader.  We put our dreams of an early-20’s retirement out of our minds in exchange for the promise of the tools of managerial decision-making, a cross-functional […]