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Paint Day »

For the last PACE class, we were assigned teams of two to three people of first and second-year students. Each team was given a photo of the painting to recreate. The exception was my team, who created the frame for the canvases. The goal was to create a cohesive painting that will hang in one […]

Choice and Consequences »

  What do you do? A question that comes up at nearly every dinner party, college reunion, and wedding. A lot of us are defined by our jobs—a trap that’s easy to fall into. After all, we spend 1/3 of our life at work. For the average person, that’s more than 90,000 hours in our […]

Project Updates! »

For the last month of class, we’ve been focusing on our year-long projects, which will conclude at the end of April. We have been busy finalizing recommendations, practicing presenting, and deciding how to tell a story (if you missed it, see my previous post here). Each project is completely unique in the recommendations and deliverables. […]

Stories by the Number »

  I was recently scanning LinkedIn and stumbled upon an article about the best tech cities. Included as part of the article was this graph: There’s a ton of data in this graph. Each city is ranked on a scale on six different characteristics that reflect technology friendliness, according to Savills research. While visually pleasing, […]

The Bear Facts about Stress and Your Body »

  Crack. Snap. “Kyler” I hissed under my breath, the hairs on my neck standing straight up. He turned to look at me, his pack still dripping from the downpour twenty minutes earlier. The sun was setting behind the Olympics and the temperature was beginning to drop, even in the humid climate. “What!” He yelled […]

Beyond Charisma »

  We are back from break and into our second week of classes! PACE is a yearlong course that integrates many disciplines we study in other classes into our career search and our PACE projects. One of the important topics we covered this week is leadership. I used to think that to be a leader, […]

Setting Goals You Can Achieve »

  In a recent PACE class, we learned how to set goals for ourselves. One of the most profound pieces of information I learned from one of our professors, Ashley Nixon, is that we should only set one or two goals for ourselves at any one time. Below are three tips I’ve learned that could […]

Our Unconscious Biases »

  Adams, Scott. “Dilbert.” Comic strip. In 2011.   During PACE last week, we divided up into our project teams to create skits to illustrate decision-making biases. We then spent the remainder of the class period presenting our skits to the rest of the class and the class guessed what bias was presented. Below […]

Rules of Engagement »

  “If this gets bad, it gets bad for <all> of us”. – Tommy Lee Jones, playing Col Hayes Hodges in the 2000 film “Rules of Engagement” One of our primary goals in PACE is for a team of five or six smart, ambitious, opinionated MBA students to work together for six months on a […]

Public Speaking is Hard—Here’s What You Can Do About It »

On Friday, as part of PACE, the entire first-year cohort arrived for our communications workshop. The goal of the workshop was twofold—first, to learn how to become better public speakers, and second, to learn how to tell a cohesive story about ourselves in under two minutes. We each took turns presenting in front of our […]