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The topic proposed for this week is not the easiest one. Indeed, the pressure that the United States keeps against Iraq puts the different countries of the world in a complex situation, and produces a very perceptible tension in the countries around Iraq. In this article I am going to talk about the position of my country towards this possible war. A special meeting of NATO took place this Thursday in Brussels and was devoted to the situation in Iraq.

Belgium, like France and Germany, feels that it is too early to respond to the American request. Those three countries are opposed to the fact that NATO began preparations right away in order to bring military support in Iraq. Belgium also asked for an emergency meeting of the secretaries of foreign affairs of the members of the European Union, and also the ones from countries to be admitted in the future, in order to try to find a common approach to the Iraqi crisis. Louis Michel, the minister, said that it was desirable for the European Union to take the initiative. After Colin Powell’s speech at the United Nations, Louis Michel said that all the new information had to be added to the file of the UN inspectors. Moreover, he declared that Iraq must show respect for international obligations. He insists on the fact that we have to give more time to the inspectors and that a war can still be avoided. Iraq has to make clear answers to the questions of the Blix report. In Belgium, 84% of the population is against a war. I’m one of them. I truly think that war is not the answer.

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