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Lorenzo Lambertino

Blast in Nuevo Progreso kills six, injures over a dozen.
A gas explosion in the border town of Nuevo Progreso levelled a two-story cement building containing a restaurant and clothing stores located about two blocks from the international bridge over the Rio Grande that connects Mexico and the United States. The explosion was accidental, caused by a gas leak from either a restaurant or a dentists’ office in the building.
Stability Restored in Mexico
Ten years ago, Mexico was lurching toward bankruptcy and mired in rebellion, plots and assassinations, a spiral that reached its height on March 23, 1994, when presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio was gunned down at a campaign rally. Today, Mexico has unprecedented economic stability, the highest foreign reserves in its history, a healthy trade balance and greater democracy. But Mexicans are scared again, because little appears to have changed in the country’s violent, cloak-and-dagger politics.
More than 30 people dead in Rio Grande flood
Five neighborhoods were evacuated early today in this border town devastated by flash flooding, while emergency crews searched for more than a dozen people still missing after heavy weekend rains. The death toll rose to 34, city spokeswoman Marcela Aguirre said today. Many residents began burying the dead, while others returned to water-logged homes to see what they could salvage.

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