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Magdalena Eriksson

Saddam Hussein applies for Exile in Sweden, Austria or Switzerland
Ever wondered what happened to Saddam Hussein? First of all he intends to run in the next Iraqi introduction, till then he wants to Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. One of his lawyers explains that one doesn`t have to be guilty to plead for clemency and all the accusations were ridiculous. Read, why the former Dictator pleads transfer to a neutral country under:
Sweden plans to lower liquor taxes to keep up with EU imports
All of you, you`ve ever been to Scandinavia, will have noticed the high price for Liquor. Here`s the good news: Scandinavia may lower his liquor taxes – by 40 percent. So far Sweden still has the highest liquor taxes in Europe – with the public health in mind. The Taxes in Denmark are 35 percent higher than for example in Germany. But the liquor sales are dramastically challenged by the new imports inside the EU. Read how soon Swedish liquor will be cheaper under:

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