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Raju Guruvanich

Continously since the outbreak was first located in South Korea last December, H5N1, also known as the ‘Bird flu’ or ‘Avian Flu’ virus, has consistently spread throughout Asia. The virus hits Thailand big time! It has panicked the Thais greatly, a good many of our people stop eating chicken completely. And since the frozen chicken is on of our major exports, our economy has undoubtedly been affected by this outbreak. Recently, as you will be reminded in this news article, many Thai scientists have warned our government as well as our public about the possibility that this bird flu virus could be strengthened and eventually transformed to Human Flu, or Thailand Flu which could kill as many as 25 million people similar to what the Spanish Flu did in 1918.
As the US presidential election is coming up in less than two months, heated campaign of both parties are at its climax. There have been so many opinion polls conducted about people’s favorite choice for the office.
These opinion polls are not just conducted across the nation, but worldwide as well. Now it’s time to take a look at who do the Thai support for the upcoming election…WARNING: you might not want to read this if
you are a Democrat.
In a lot of discussions from my International Politics class, people often talk about the role of the United Nations in manipulating the current world. “the UN should do this, and why didn’t the UN do something about that?” However, I find it a shocking surprise that a lot of people, once asked what they know about this worldwide organization, reply “Kofi
Annan, that’s about everything I know.” Clearly, the position of the UN Secretary General is very crucial. Therefore, I have chosen my news article that relates to this issue. It’s about the upcoming election of
the UN Secretary General in 2006 to replace Mr. Kofi Annan. This extremely short piece of news talks about one of the declared candidates in this election, and he is our Thai Foreign Minister.

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