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Raju Guruvanich

Widespread Terrorism in South of Thailand
Terrorism has successfully captured media attention since 9/11. Most of media coverage on terrorism have primarily focused on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Muslim extremist movement in the Middle-Eastern countries. Terrorism is, in fact, also widespread in South-East Asian countries as well. The Bombing of Bali, the separatist rebel in the Philippines, and the violent in the four southern provinces of Thailand are good illustrations for the widespread of terrorism in the region. Having lasted pretty much for a decade, the violence in the South of Thailand has clearly been aggravated since the beginning of the year. Killings happen every passing day between the military and the so-called ‘Muslim Extremist Separatist.’ This piece of news article provides an overview situation of the region when Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatr was in the area few days ago.
Thai View of the Presidential Debate
Since it can hardly be denied that the United States is the most powerful country on earth, a lot of people pay close attention to what happens in America. The Presidential Election is one good example. It’s not only big here, but elsewhere as well. Many Thai people are paying close attention to the campaigns and are looking forward to November 2nd. This article talks about how the Thais think both candidates performed on the first Presidential Debate last week.
Italian Food booms in Thailand
A lot of people have told me that Thai food the most delicious and
healthy food in the world. For me as a Thai, that is something to be proud of. However, a lot of Thai dine out occasionally in some fancy foreign food restaurant. We have tons of them in Bangkok. This article provides you the insight about how the Thai love the Italian food.

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