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Anna Maria Pinto

Re-packaging Gandhi for the youth
Faced with the threat of Gandhian legacy being wiped out through disinformation and distortions, there is now a concerted effort to reinvent the man, and his ideals. A series of programs are being organized in the state of Gujarat in India. They plan on inviting speakers to offer a fresh perspective on Gandhi and shatter myths surrounding him, especially to appeal to the youth.
US poll result unlikely to affect outsourcing
Shipping of jobs from the US to low cost economies like India to cut costs is likely to continue unabated irrespective of the outcome of the US presidential poll, say analysts and industry representatives. Notwithstanding the political rhetoric against outsourcing in the run up to the US poll, experts say the economic benefits of transfer of jobs to low cost destinations would far outweigh any retrograde measure to curb the business.
Chutneys and curries colonize the globe
Centuries after Indian spices began exerting a magical pull, inspiring fabled adventurers to embark on perilous journeys, chutney, curry and tandoori are turning the tables on the world.

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