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Maaike de Bie

Director Theo van Gogh murdered in Amsterdam
There is one really big new item in The Netherlands right now, which is overshadowing all the other (both national and international) news. The Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh (no relation to the painter, I think) was shot and stabbed in Amsterdam on Tuesday Nov 2. So far people believe he was murdered because of his controversial opinions and movies. His film ‘Submission’ in particular has received a lot of criticism and he received several death threats after it came out. It’s about violence against Islamic women and the Koran.
Two years ago, the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was killed because of his opinions and Van Gogh just finished a movie about that assassination and its effects, that movie was planned to come out next week.
Dutch to rally for freedom of expression
Tuesday night a lot of people gathered in Amsterdam to demonstrate for Freedom of Speech. The mayor asked people to make as much noise as possible, instead of the usual silent marches.
Because the murder happened on the same day as the Presidential Elections in America, I’m not sure how much attention the elections get. Of course it is a really important event and will also determine a lot of the Netherlands’ future, but this horrible murder happening in our small country has much more impact. Therefore I have no idea how the Dutch media cover the election, but I’m sure there will be an article on that in the next World News issue.

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