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Maren Heussler

Stasi officer aquitted of shooting GDR-Dissident
This week, another sad chapter in Germany’s history came to an end. After 15 years the last trial of a series of persecuting the “Mauerschützen” – the Stasi officers who shot people who wanted to flee the GDR at the Wall – ended. Former Stasi officer Singer was accused of having killed 32-year-old Michael Gartenschläger in 1976. He was aquitted because the judges said they could not rule out that the Stasi officer acted in self-defense as Gartenschläger was armed when the two met on the border line. Alltogether 916 people were shot while trying to reach West Germany. The border guards who killed them, were usually given short or suspended sentences, because they had acted under standing orders.
Germany beats Austria and USA in Nation’s Cup for Alpine Skiing
The bad news: It was a disappointing Worldchampionship for the German Alpine Skiers. The good news: During the last competition – the Nation’s cup, in which three men and three women start as a team – we got a little of our pride back. In a discipline that values team-effort as much as talent, Martina Ertl, Hilde Gerg, Monika
Bergmann-Schmuderer sowie Florian Eckert, Felix Neureuther und Andreas Ertl won with 26 points before Austria, France and the United States. This triumph took everyone by surprise and gives us hope for the 2006 olympic winter games in Torino. What makes this success even more spectacular for myself, is that three of the runners came from my birth- and almost hometown Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Germans demonstrate during Bush visit
Even if this Artikel was written a month ago, it could be of interest to you now – that President George W. Bush is actually visting Germany “to mend broken ties” with
Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. But many people won’t forgive and forget the past. Thousands of German protesters feel they can’t rely on the German government to express indignation about Bush’s politics and organized street protests, a Mardi-Gras like parade and candlelight vigils.

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