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Juan Pablo Seminario »

Caral, The Mother City Our historical origins present the conventional basis of our identity as a species, provide the background for our sense of progress, and a vision of what the future has in store for us. In that sense Caral answers one of the great questions of archaeology: the origin of civilization. Though what […]

Tatenda Chirusa »

A lot has been happening in Zimbabwe since my last submission. The country just finished voting in the Parliamentary elections and the results will have a far reaching effect than people just choosing their constituent representatives. A two-third victory by the ruling ZANU PF will enable President Robert Mugabe amend the constitution and one of […]

Morgane Bellanger »

FRANCE COULD SAY NO TO THE EU CONSTITUTION There’s going to be a referendum at the end of May thanks to which French people will be asked whether they accept the European constitution or not. For months, everybody thought the “Yes” would win easily but for the first time last week, a poll showed that […]

Olga Sakhnova »

Ukraine’s Yushchenko Takes Westward Drive to U.S. At the time, when debates in Ukraine over the last presidential elections seem to have subsided, and old frustrations have become less poignant, it is time for the president to get to business. Among other priorities Viktor Yushchenko set for himself, are closer relationship with Western European countries […]

Hristo Pavlov »

English Family Became Kardjali’s Talisman This article briefly describes the story behind the decision of a British family to settle in Kardjali, a town 30 miles from the Bulgarian border with Greece. Nine years ago, after visiting Bulgaria for the first time, the family just decided to settle there for good. There also are a […]

Rositsa Atanasova »

BSP Runs at the Elections in Rap Rhythm In the upcoming general elections the Bulgarian Socialist Party is changing strategy – it will draw young voters with rap music. Rap is particularly popular among the 18-year-olds and the BSP Leadership hopes to take advantage. The party is however worried that they may lose the support […]

Morgane Bellanger »

SCANDAL-HIT MINISTER RESIGNS France’s Finance Minister Hervé Gaymard, accused of lying in a scandal over a apartment paid for by the state, gave in to the pressure Friday and handed in his resignation. A 44 year-old ally of President Jacques Chirac and the father of eight children, Gaymard moved out of a luxury flat near […]

Maaike de Bie »

Students held symbolic protest against rising fees As you might know, students in Europe in general have to pay way less than American students. In the Netherlands the tuition is about 1500 euros per year, which is more than our fellow students in France and Germany, for example, but it is feasible. Unfortunately, the State […]

Tom Campbell »

Stamps honor Charles’ and Camilla’s wedding Even though David Letterman gave that news a decisive “Who cares?”-shrug, Europe is caring a lot for everything that is related to the marriage between Prince Charles and his long-time companion Camilla Parker-Bowles. But more interesting than just the article are the reactions of readers that mirror how divided […]

Mariana Vasquez »

Mexican Congress weighs allowing compatriots in U.S. to vote This article is about a new bill that the Mexican government tries to set. It is a bill that gives Mexican immigrants that live in the United States the right to vote in the presidential elections of Mexico in 2006. It would probably cause several problems […]

Zhanna Gres »

EU official predicts Turkey, Ukraine membership around 2015 Ukraine might be a part of European Union. It seems like it is early to talk about it. However, Ukraine’s new president – Yushenko wants Ukraine to be a part of European Union. At this point, there is a hope that Ukraine might become a part of […]

Olga Sakhnova »

Ukraine seeks EU and NATO integration Ukraine is living through a very important time now. President Viktor Yushchenko made it his goal to get EU and NATO membership for the country. However, he insists on keeping a good relationship with other neighbors such as Russia which has been our strategic partner for decades. Ukraine relaxes […]

Maren Heussler »

Search for new US-Ambassador in Germany will send a decisive signal Daniel Coats vacated his post as US-Ambassador in February 2005. The former Republican US senator from Indiana did not know much Garman or about Germany when he arrived in 2001. So he wasn’t the best person to try to solve the conflict between the […]

Ivo Dimitrov »

Clock towards European Entry is ticking This brief article talks about the newly constructed clock that will countdown to Bulgaria▓s entry into the European Union; it highlights the motives of the governing party and the Bulgarian people to become integrated in the European community through the EU. Is Europe becoming One as more countries join […]

Hristo Pavlov »

300,000 Delinquent in Paying Health Insurances Remitted After deliberating for a long time, the Bulgarian government finally decided to exempt Bulgarian citizens who have lived abroad for more than 183 days in the last calendar year from their health insurance payments. Anyone who has spent more than half of the days in 2004 in a […]

Rositsa Atanasova »

The legend behind the “Martenitsa” March 1st is a traditional holiday unique for Bulgaria. People exchange and pin to their clothes ⌠martenitsas■, tassels made out of red and white weaved threads. The symbolic significance and function of the “matenitsa” range from an amulet for protection from evil spirits to a symbol of the coming spring. […]