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Mariana Vasquez

Mexican Congress weighs allowing compatriots in U.S. to vote
This article is about a new bill that the Mexican government tries to set. It is a bill that gives Mexican immigrants that live in the United States the right to vote in the presidential elections of Mexico in 2006. It would probably cause several problems and would allow corruption to occur. If this bill is approved, it will need to have a lot of money invested, as well as people and time. Obviously for the next presidential elections in June 2006, there is not to much time to organize all the Mexicans living in the states, neither to establish regulations nor verify them.
Healing with the flesh of the gods, Maria Sabina and her legacy
If you are interested in all about healing, magic and mystic issues this article will interest you. Also, Maria Sabina is a very important woman in the Mexican and Oaxacan culture. Her knowledge was a gift given by her ancestors or as she said, “of the Gods”. This article gives a description of this mythical woman and what happened to her power after she passed away. This site is very cool, enjoy it!
Controversial crater probe ends in reef shipwreck
Sometimes science is not good for our nature even though it tries to “help” it. Man can make mistakes that cause terrible damages in just seconds and it takes more than millions of year for those damages to repair. A good example is this probe in the Yucatan Sea, it really damaged coral reefs which are not replaceable.

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