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Archive for September 23rd, 2005

Tatenda Chirusa »

Tatenda Chirusa My name is Tatenda, which means “thank you” in my native Shona language and I’m from Harare, which means “the city that never sleeps” and the republic of Zimbabwe, which actually means “a house built of stones.” I’m starting my second and last year at the business school and I’m excited to be […]

Elshad Rustamov »

⌠Ass Salam Aleykum■ is the most frequently heard phrase in the old and modern streets of Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan Republic, where I am from. The word means √ peace and I first of all wish you all peace too! Azerbaijan is a country with a population of 8mln people; located in the […]

Dasha Karpenko »

Hi, my name is Dasha and I come from Simferopol, Ukraine. My country is awesome I miss it a lot, yet I am very happy to be in Willamette (unfortunately, I only get to spend one semester here). At home I major in English and minor in German, but here it is Rhetoric that is […]

Zhanna Gres »

Hi, I am Zhanna. Originally I am from Ukraine, a country located in Eastern Europe. At present it is an independent state. When I was born 1985, it was a part of the Soviet Union. Historically, Ukraine had not been independent until 1991. The city –Uzhgorod, where I lived for about 15 years is right […]

Jaime Mata Miguez »

Hi, My name is Jaime Mata Miguez and I am from La Coruсa. This town is situated on North-west coast of Spain and has a population of roughly two-hundred fifty thousand. Since 1999 I have studied in Vigo, which is 160 kilometers far away from La Coruсa, quite close to the border of Portugal. My […]

Byamba Narantuya »

Mongolia is a country in Asia between Russia and China. It is a little smaller than Alaska and has 2.7 million people, almost all Buddhist, with a harsh continental climate. Ulaanbaatar, the capital, is a city of about one million people. It has fascinating museums and temples, and wonderful restaurants. There are internet cafes all […]

John Oruongo »

Hi there, I am John Oruongo, from Kenya. Currently, I am a grad student at Atkinson. I have been in the US since January 2001. Before coming here, I lived in Springfield, Missouri. This is also where I did my undergrad studies. My majors were Business Administration and Computer Information Systems. Kenya is on the […]

Dominik Mauer »

Hi all, my name is Dominik Mauer, I▓m 25 years old and I made the long way from Bavaria, Germany, over here to spend my academic year abroad at Willamette. I was a bit disappointed about the temperature of the Pacific Ocean (they told me that it▓s cold but they didn▓t tell me that it▓s […]

Ivo Dimitrov »

Greetings to everyone! My name is Ivo Dimitrov; I was born in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, and I went to Beaverton High School. I have declared a Spanish philology major and I concentrate on my History major (which is dearer to my heart). I enjoy reading the classics, debating, and trying out different kinds […]

Cemile Uruk »

My name is Cemile and I am from the Sauerland, which is in West Germany. My parents originally come from Turkey, but we are a Kurdish minority in Turkey (Kurdish people have never possessed their own country, but that is a long story). I am born in Hemer which belongs to the Sauerland. It is […]

Hristo Pavlov »

Wow, year #4 is under way. I cannot believe what is happening, I am already in my last year of my Willamette experience, and it seems to me as if I started a few days ago. It is also my fourth year of writing for Willamette World News, the place where all of the campus […]

Marlene Molina »

Hola a todos. My name is Marlene Molina. I am the Spanish language Assistant this year. I am 28 and I teach English in a farming school in Chile. This wonderful country is long and narrow; it borders Peru and Bolivia in the north and Argentina in the east. But I am not going to […]