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Byamba Narantuya

Mongolia is a country in Asia between Russia and China. It is a little smaller than Alaska and has 2.7 million people, almost all Buddhist, with a harsh continental climate. Ulaanbaatar, the capital, is a city of about one million people. It has fascinating museums and temples, and wonderful restaurants. There are internet cafes all over, and computers and cell phones are in wide use. Some Mongolians on the outskirts of the city and many in the countryside still live in “ger”, the round felt tents of the nomads. The surrounding scenery is awe-inspiring; very like the High Sierra Mountains, one expatriate has said. The Mongolian language is part of the Ural-Altaic language group, and is written in the Cyrillic script.
Until 1990, the Mongolian Government was modeled on the Soviet system; only the communist party, the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, was officially
permitted to function. In 1990, with the collapse of the communist system, Mongolia embarked on a peaceful transition to a democratic capitalist state, committed to upholding human rights and freedoms. In general, Mongolia is a civil law country.

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