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Cemile Uruk

My name is Cemile and I am from the Sauerland, which is in West Germany. My parents originally come from Turkey, but we are a Kurdish minority in Turkey (Kurdish people have never possessed their own country, but that is a long story). I am born in Hemer which belongs to the Sauerland. It is a nice place with a population of 37,000 people. We have many mountains and woods. I study and live in Dortmund, which is also called “Ruhrgebiet” it has 600,000 citizens. IN the past, Dortmund was famous for its coal production. Nowadays it has a great and easy connection by train and bus to the neighboring cities Cologne, Essen and Bochum. Dortmund is a kind of a multicultural city. Because of the mixed population it has different restaurants such as Moroccan, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, and others.

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