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Hristo Pavlov

Wow, year #4 is under way. I cannot believe what is happening, I am already in my last year of my Willamette experience, and it seems to me as if I started a few days ago. It is also my fourth year of writing for Willamette World News, the place where all of the campus residents can find lots of news from all over the world right from the source √ the international students who represent their own countries here on campus.
It is time for the first issue of the year and I am really excited to be writing the introduction article for this year. So, I guess it is time to tell you what I did this summer. I was really worried that this might be my last real summer before maybe entering graduate school, so I decided to live life to the fullest, so to say. No books, no textbooks, no studying for the whole two months spent in Bulgaria. The first couple of weeks, I spent at home with my parents, well not really since I was only home to sleep in my bed √ the days were spent meeting with all my friends, going to new cafes and clubs and so on. I spent a couple of days in Sofia, our beloved capital, with some of my friends who were working there for the summer √ the schedule there was pretty much the same as it was in my hometown.
In the beginning of August, I went on an organized excursion to Greece. It was awesome. I managed to visit all the places we were studying about in my Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic class √ the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Sounion, the temple of Zeus in Athens, the Theatre of Dionysus, the Acropolis, etc. The artifacts we managed to see were so ancient and famous that I could not believe my eyes that I can actually touch them. Although, I am not American, I was getting into all the museums and sites with my Willamette ID card, since there was a 50% student discount at all of the places we visited. I am telling you Greek people were not very fond of Americans, or people with American ID cards, the guy who sold me the ticket at the Acropolis looked at my student card and said American, I replied with a ⌠Yes■ and he looked at me very queerly and almost threw the tickets at me. We also managed to see the change of the Presidential guard in front of the Presidential building, the ancient Olympic stadium which was renovated for the Olympic Games in 2004, the National Archaeological Museum. This was my first visit to Thessalonica and Athens and Greece in general, but I enjoyed it so much that I would go back there at the first opportunity, because I wish I could have spent more time there. Four days are not enough for someone to feel the magic of such a colorful place.
After the time spent in Greece, it was time for the warmth and sunshine of the Black Sea. I spent almost a week visiting a friend in Varna, the largest Bulgarian port on the Black Sea. A few of my other friends also stayed in the same apartment and we had a really great time playing cards at night and sunbathing on the ⌠Golden Sands■ beaches (this sea resort has few of the best beaches on the whole Bulgarian coast).
After the week I spent on the coast, I had to go back home and start preparing all my things to come back to Willamette and the good old Salem. After a pretty long trip, I managed to get safely to Portland, after flying through Milan, Chicago, and Salt Lake City. I have been here for almost a month and school has been treating me well so far. It is my senior year and the classes I have to take during my last two semesters at Willamette will be pretty challenging and I will have to divide my time between school work and preparing for the GRE exam which I will most probably take in November. But I believe I am ready for it and will be able to manage to finish everything successfully.

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