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Ivo Dimitrov

Greetings to everyone! My name is Ivo Dimitrov; I was born in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, and I went to Beaverton High School. I have declared a Spanish philology major and I concentrate on my History major (which is dearer to my heart).
I enjoy reading the classics, debating, and trying out different kinds of chocolate. I encourage you to visit my website (www.willamette.edu/~idimitro); there you can find brief information on Bulgaria as well as some information on myself. I would appreciate a guestbook entry.
This is my third semester with the World News program. I am especially interested in covering news articles that have a cross-cultural illuminating effect. However, the absurd may seep into my reviews from time to time.
I hope that with each story you discover yet one more link to an experience of yours, and that these links can serve as true bridges of identification.

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