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Zhanna Gres

I am Zhanna. Originally I am from Ukraine, a country located in Eastern Europe. At present it is an independent state. When I was born 1985, it was a part of the Soviet Union. Historically, Ukraine had not been independent until 1991. The city –Uzhgorod, where I lived for about 15 years is right on the border with Hungary and Slovakia. Years ago, Uzhgorod used to be a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire and part of Czechoslovakia.
After World War II when the Soviets crossed the land, Uzhgorod became a part of the Soviet Union. Now, it is Ukraine. Nevertheless, because of its location the city is very diverse. It is kind of cool because people there are have different background and culture, and speak varieties of languages. Nationalities that live there are Hungarians, Slovaks, Check, Polish, Romanians, Germans, Russians, Ukrainians and few more. The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. Russian is sure understandable and spoken a lot in Ukraine. When I was little I spoke Russian at home, but 1990’s when I had to go to school, I had to learn Ukrainian. Ukrainian and Russian are not the same languages. They have some common characteristics such as alphabet because they are Slovak languages, however, they sound different.
It is probably enough about on history; if something else comes up I will definitely write.
I moved to the United States, Portland, OR about 4 years ago. Went to high school, liked it, enjoyed, learned…and decided to check out colleges. I did and now I am here a sophomore at Willamette University, liking, enjoying, learning and writing for the World News.
If some days (most likely every day) it is raining and you feel like drinking your hot tea and reading something Interesting and Educational such as news, but you don’t feel like reading Salem newspapers or just sit and watch TV, you want something different, like knowing what’s happening in other parts of the world, you are at the right spot. We will try to make it as fun, interesting, entertaining and educational as possible.
Hope all of you had a great summer and is having a good school year so far. Smiles

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