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Dasha Karpenko »

Ukrainian press and free speech Freedom of speech is base of democracy. But not every country is born with this notion like America. Right now Ukraine challenges the concepts of democracy by establishing the norms of free speech. Belarus cracks down on opposition Even people who know about Orange Revolution in Ukraine sometimes do not […]

Byamba Narantuya »

For this issue, here are a couple of articles about Mongolian culture and traditions. The first discusses current changes in Mongolian society as well as the beauty of the land and the people. It also has a wonderful section on the life of country’s nomadic herders. The second article looks at the images of fire […]

John Oruongo »

Thinking of visiting Kenya? Read this and you’ll get more idea of why you need to. Water Rights Has the Nile ever been controversial? Well, it is a historical river, no doubt. But now it’s threatening to be politically controversial. Cherono wins Beijing Marathon A Kenyan runner wins a marathon in an ill-fated race. One […]

Vaibhav Rajpal »

Hi Folks, I am Vaibhav. For those of you who have managed to read so far, I am from Mumbai, India and I am studying at the Business School. So if you ever want to have a good chat, feel free to e-mail me. What I appreciate most is a smile. India is the seventh […]

Dominik Mauer »

Hello! This is an incredible article on the trial of Saddam Hussein. It is a bit old, in that the trial has already started, but the additional information the article gives is more than worth it, I promise! The newspaper Spiegel, as always, has done a very thorough job of reporting, and the perspectives it […]

Pierre Cros »

Hello! My name is Pierre. I am from France and I am going to stay at Willamette for one year. This is my first time in the United States, and so far, I really enjoy it. I am 20 and I am studying English (of course), Spanish, Chinese, and International Politics. As you will have […]

Marianne Fernandez »

Hi everyone, I▓m Marianne Fernandez and although my name seems to indicate that I am Spanish, I▓m from France┘but I do have Spanish origins. I▓m 24 and I will be the French assistant at Willamette this year. I come from Grenoble which is a town of approximately 250,000 inhabitants. It is situated in a valley […]

Gabriela Cardenas »

Hi, I’m Gabriela Cardenas, from Ecuador. I was born in Quito, the capital of the country. I’m 19 years old and at the moment I’m staying in Salem attending at WU as an exchange student. In Quito I study in the USFQ (Universidad San Francisco de Quito), right now i’m a junior and I’m planing […]

Susana Gomez »

Hi everyone! I am Susana Gomez, from Quito, Ecuador. I came to Willamette because of its writing program. In Quito, I study journalism and Creative Writing. I enjoy thinking of life as of meanings and people▓s ways to convey them. No wonder I am glad to be writing for World News from the beginning of […]

Eric Yunxing Peng »

Hello everyone, My name is Eric Yunxing Peng, from Harbin, China. My family immigrated to Canada when I was 18. My undergraduate degree is BA in Economics and BS in Computer Science from the University of Calgary (www.ucalgary.ca). I am currently studying MBA at the Atkinson business school at Willamette University. This is my year […]

Tatenda Chirusa »

It’s been a while since the last publication and a lot has happened in the Republic of Zimbabwe since then. What caused a lot of uproar all over the world was when the government destroyed what it called “illegal residences” and “slums,” which left nearly a thousand people without shelter. A UN envoy was sent […]

Dasha Karpenko »

Hey! The daughter of a former Prime Minister of Ukraine has wedded a british heavy metal star. I don’t think Bush’s kid would do that!

Zhanna Gres »

To begin this year, here are some facts about Ukraine, from the BBC and the Economist websites: And for those wondering, “where is Ukraine, anyhow?” here is a map of Ukraine: Ukraine told that EU door is open The European Union is expanding. In 2004, ten new members joined the EU; some of these countries […]

Jaime Mata Miguez »

Two presidents meet over issues of autonomy The Spanish territory is divided in seventeen zones called autonomous regions (⌠comunidades autonomas■) and two autonomous towns, Ceuta and Melilla which are situated on the North of Africa. The Spanish Constitution was approved by referendum on December 6th 1978 and is valid for the whole country, but each […]