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Cemile Uruk

Turkey and the European Union
This article deals with the discussion between Turkey and the EU concerning the access for their membership. The Europe Union has again new requirements for Turkey. Since 40 years is Turkey struggling for a membership. In 1963 Turkey signed up for the economic association treaty with the access to join later the EU. In 1987 they applied first but were rejected. Nowadays they still want to get a part in EU.
Schroeder and German Elections
In this Article Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD Social Party Democrats) wants ⌠to quit if party wants■. After the elections which were over 2 weeks ago both parties got almost the same votes. They are now struggling to get the favor of the coalition. However, I do not believe that Schroeder would defer the CDU even though he said it.
U.S., German physicists win Nobel
This article describes the peak out for the German Physician Theodor Haensch and the Americans Roy Glauber und John Hall by winning the nobel prize. The research and development presents Germany in a bright light.

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