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Ivo Dimitrov

Bulgarian President calls Libyan President
You may have read an earlier post of mine in which I described the huge international AIDS scandal involving Bulgaria and Libya (click here for the article). Although the situation remains dire, intellectuals and civil groups from both sides of the divide are trying to establish a friendlier climate of communication in the hope of bringing this tragedy to a peaceful end.
This (brief) article documents a simple, yet powerfully symbolic step √ a phone call of congratulations. Perhaps, in our world of tense diplomacy and hostility, the simplest action can bring us closer to understanding.
Bulgarian wrestler wins Gold
There are a few things which bring Bulgarians internationally fame. Wrestling is one of them. Turkey and Bulgaria routinely win the top prizes in the Olympics. Olympic champion Armen Nazarian of Bulgaria won the gold medal Sunday in the 132-pound Greco-Roman division on the last day of the World Wrestling Championships.
After winning, he said “I want to continue because you can never have too much success.■ He has been elected to the wrestling▓s Hall of Fame.
Bulgarian mime performs to beat own Guinness record
Every single news section should have a bit of the absurd. Keeping in line with this belief, I have decided to cover the famous and powerful art of mimes.
Popular Bulgarian mime artist Alexander Iliev is set to smash his own Guinness record by staging a 26-hour performance. The mime marathon includes hundreds of different pantomime pieces, dances of Eastern European countries, clown sketches, circus acts and variety tricks, as well as dances with original national masks from the repertoire of the greatest mime masters in the world.

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