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Vaibhav Rajpal

Hi Folks,
I am Vaibhav. For those of you who have managed to read so far, I am from Mumbai, India and I am studying at the Business School. So if you ever want to have a good chat, feel free to e-mail me. What I appreciate most is a smile.
India is the seventh largest country & is just behind China in its population (though not something we want to catch up on). India is a diverse country with numerous cultures co-existing and about 850 languages in daily use. It is a travelers delight and people of India are generally friendly and peace loving.
India was under the British rule for about 200 years which drained a lot of resources of the country. It has been free since 1947. It has fascinating mythologies and many Gods, religion and ethnicities. For those who know Buddha, he was born in India and traveled east to preach his teachings.
Today, India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the East, leading the Service sector while China is capitalizing on the Manufacturing sector. I reckon that Asia has the potential to be the future hub of all trade, so if you like to travel, that’s where you want to be.
See you next time.

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