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Cemile Uruk

UFO’s and Germany
This article illustrates how rumors can arise about possible UFO’s in Germany because numerous fireballs were seen in the skies. Scientists try to explain this nature behavior as a “bizarre annual meteor blitz”. However Germany is not the first and country which is visited with fireballs; fireballs were sighted also in the States, Canada, the Netherlands, North Ireland and Japan . Please read more about this phenomen:
Racial discrimination
In this article Europe discusses racial discrimination and the need of integration, especially in France . In Paris, a substantial percentage of immigrants are living in poor, ghettoized neighborhoods it is not easy to find a solution for this urban agglomeration. Germany’s politicians don’t have a solution for these cultural problems but they hope for a better integration through obligatory learning of the German language. A change in living conditions is important for those immigrants who live in ghettos.
Bird flu declared ▒global threat▓
Bird flu was first founded in South Africa in 1961. Infected birds spread the virus through their bodliy excretions. This originally was not transmittable to humans, however 1997 was the first time that humans were infected in Hong Kong. A few days ago is the nightmare back, this time in Europe.
Four guilty in terror trial
Germany is also not anymore a save place against terrorism: four Arabic terrorists planned to attack two Jewish owned discos in Duesseldorf, West Germany and in Berlin. Fortunately, the German laws take drastic steps against these men.
Troubled and dissilusioned youth: Krach im Viertel-conflicts in the neighborhood
In this article young people from different countries clash; conflicts between Turkish, Kurdish, Russian and German youngsters are getting normal, especially in big cities. Teenagers are dealing with topics which should not be important to them because they usually have no idea what’s going on there and they do not live there (such as, conflicts between Turkish/Kurdish people in Turkey).
One might not forget that in the parts of cities where different cultures crashing together usually no integration happens. Self identifying processes, just to being part of a special culture, the nostalgi to belonging to somewhere is the root of the matter.

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