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Ivo Dimitrov

Bulgarians and the Harry Potter connection
If you are a Harry Potter enthusiast like myself, you will surely know the name of Viktor Krum. The ‘dashing’ magician will compete in the TriWizard tournament; there have been strongly-supported rumors that he and Hermione Granger are shifting into the romantic. Yes, Krum is Bulgarian (kind of), but there are a few things you did not know:
• Krum is the name of the first recognized founder of the Bulgarian nation, Khan Krum, who ruled in the 7th century.
• His name is pronounced Krum, not crum-(my). It is a hard “u” like the sound in “puma.”
• He was considered a genius by many, having entered the International Quidditch League while still attending wizarding school at Durmstrang (far from the truth).
• In the movie, the Durmstrang school is welcomed as “our friends from the north.” That is geographically improbable considering Bulgaria is located south of England.
Children prized for creating violence-free games
Primary and High school students in Bulgaria competed in a contest asking them to create a violence-free computer game on Thursday. The competition, called “A game with your idea”, was held in the eve of the World’s Day of the Child, that marks the adoption of UN’s convention for children rights.
Traditional Japanese sumo getting “Bulgarian accent”
With the next tournament in sumo set to begin on Sunday, all eyes are on the rivalry between the yokozuna, or grand champion, a Mongolian named Asashoryu, and a rising star from Bulgaria, Kotooshu.
The rise of foreign wrestlers in sumo has stoked fears of a foreign invasion in the past, read the International Herald Tribune on Thursday. But the emergence of Europeans may be a blessing for the ancient Japanese sport, which is suffering from falling popularity amid an absence of locally born heroes.

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