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Sayaka Horinouchi

Pros and cons about female emperors
In Japan, there were only male can be emperors by law today. However, the children who are members of the Imperial Family are only girls now. Therefore, government panel needs to discuss about female can be emperor or not. Eighty percent of the Japanese nation agree with the opinion that female can be emperor. In this article, there are the pros and cons about this problem.
Japanese Language
In Japan, there has been a marked decline in the levels of skills of Japanese language. To solve this problem, broadcasting stations the programs which are containing about Japanese language. These help not only for Japanese but also foreigners who study Japanese. Let▓s check contents of these programs out!
The Common Lottery in Japan
There are a lot of lotteries in Japan. The most popular lottery is ▒Takarakuji.▓ In each season, we can get different ▒Takarakuji▓ in Japan, and the prize money is so big deal. The prize money of first prize is about 300 million yen (3 million dollars)!! This lottery is really famous in Japan and ▒Takarakuji▓ has long history.

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