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Vaibhav Rajpal

Fashion !!!
This isn’t a news article; it’s a link that highlights some clothes on the Indian fashion ramp. Women might be particularly interested to read. In my writing, I would like to begin with one site which talks about India in general.
India to make ‘radical proposals’ at SAARC summit
We have the British structure in the government where the prime minister is more prominent than the president. The current Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is originally an economist and his work and ideologies are very promising. He is a man who looks to rise above politics and looks at the prosperity of India, Asia and the world in all his deals.
I have never voted myself as I feel there is going to be one or another one who will take money out of the taxpayers and people suffering but I am keeping my fingers crossed for him. The below article talks about the SAARC meet scheduled to be on 12th & 13th November. What is SAARC? – South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation.

The South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation website

Serial blasts rock Delhi , at least 61 dead
Delhi is the capital state of India and had recently witnessed terrorist attacks. You will be surprised to know the number of terrorist attacks in India which have significantly increased after the 1970’s post the conflict in Jammu & Kashmir began (Kashmir is so beautiful, it was regarded as a Heaven on Earth, still good to visit). As sad it is, the people suffering most are people on whose names the fight is being found. Call me an optimist but I see the conflict getting resolved in next 20 years, but we will see.

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