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A Land of Rare Smiles

Zhana Gres
Do Russian people ever smile? This question might be asked a lot. Definitely, Russians know how to smile, however, it is not done on the regular basis. It is unusual to encounter Russians smiling to a stranger. They just don’t do it, for whatever reasons they have. If they don’t know you, they will not smile to you on the street. Russians are friendly and hospitable once they know someone, but at first they might seem cold and hostile.
EU sees Ukraine as market economy
Recently European Union granted Ukraine a market status. This was seen as to increase trading relations. Yushenko, the president of Ukraine explained a market status economy as a “huge step” for Ukraine.
No visas required for 6 more European countries
Traveling sometimes might not be easy as it seems to be. Ukraine has restrictions on entering the country. However, some changes have been made. Today, EU member countries, Switzerland, Canada, the United States and Japan can travel to Ukraine and spend there no more than 90 days.

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