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Indian Food Recipes

Vaibhav Rajpal
Anyone who has taste can be a cook, and as I have said countless times, India is a traveler’s and foodie▓s delight. I am attaching a link for recipes for Indian food, vegetarian and meat dishes alike. In case you need to make choices on what you want to try to cook, let me know.
Indo-US ties: Will Bush▓s visit herald a new era?
This article is not so much a news article but a debate that▓s going on in India on the benefits of US-India ties. US Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice states that India and the rest of South Asia is a high priority area right now for America. In my view, China and India provide great visibility to the region. Also, other emerging markets make it a hot spot for development. This is essentially shrinking the world, and the divide between East and West.
India Votes to refer Iran to UNSC, no action now
Although, the nuclear crisis is pushed ahead by a few months, it is something to watch out for. I am optimistic that it will be peacefully resolved, but the situation is difficult to predict given the current volatility. I read many articles discussing censorship of social activists and others in Iran.

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