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Olena O Grebennikova

My name is Lena. I▓m an exchange student from Ukraine. I live in the most picturesque and beautiful part of Ukraine, Crimea, which is situated in the south of the country. Crimea is a peninsula on the Black Sea. People have lived there since ancient times, even when they had to live in caves. Because of this fact Crimea has a very rich history and there are many historical, archeological and cultural sites. In the XVIII century Crimea was joined with Russia, and many Russian people moved here. That▓s why my native language is Russian.
In 1954 Crimea became a part of Ukraine, as it is today. Due to its long and rich history there are over 100 different nationalities living in Crimea now. I live in the capital of Crimea, Simferopol, which is situated nearly on the same latitude with Salem.
I would be very happy to share the most interesting information about my home country with Willamette students.

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