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Taj Mahal √ symbol of love

Vaibhav Rajpal
All Shah Jahan▓s wife wished for was a tomb that the world had never seen before. So, the Shah turned around and made the seventh wonder of the world.
Many of us have heard about Taj Mahal but not many know it is actually a tomb built in memory (& wishes) of the wife of Shah Jahan. The artists who worked on it were brought from turkey, and the material used was brought from all over the world. There’s more to find out on the site!
Mittal-Arcelor row: Clash of civilizations
Lakshmi Mittal was ranked the third richest man on planet by Forbes & he has put a takeover bid of 18.6 billion euros ($22.2 billion) for a steel company in France which Arcelor is fighting against.
The Luxembourg steelmaker was created in 2002 after the merger of French, Luxembourg and Spanish metals companies. Mittal overtook Arcelor as the world’s largest steelmaker, snapping up mills in eastern Europe and paying about $4.8 billion to acquire Ukraine’s state-owned Kryvorizhstal.
The issue has gone from a business deal to a clash of civilizations. Read on..
Rising subscriber base affecting mobile services
It always amazes me how quickly the Indian telecommunications (or rather, the cell phone industry) developed as compared with the American market. The incoming calls are not charged, messaging is almost dirt cheap & I could talk for 3000 minutes for less than $20. there are some trade-offs but not enough to explain the lagging progress.
The below article briefly explains some of the problems the rapid growth is causing.

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