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Olena O Grebennikova
Hi, it▓s time to write something for World News. A lot has happened in Ukraine since I left it. But indeed, noting unusual or special has happened. Ukraine keeps defending its reputation as an independent and mature state. In order to do so, it is working towards membership in NATO and trying to stop internal corruption. If you are really interested in politics, you can find the latest Ukrainian news here.

Pictures and pictures!
For those, who are not so involved in politics, but who wants to learn something interesting about Ukraine, I offer to visit wonderful Crimean photo album. It has many beautiful pictures made by professional photographers! It enables you to get acquainted with the most fascinating places of my Homeland just after few minutes, because here you don▓t need to read anything. Just open your eyes and watch!
P.S. As I mentioned before, Crimea is a peninsula in the south of Ukraine.

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