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Coming from a smoker…a health tip!

Vaibhav Rajpal
Though Yoga’s origin is shrouded, evidence links the earliest Yoga tradition back at least 5000 years.
The Indus-Sarasvati civilization also gave birth to the ancient texts known as the Vedas, the oldest scriptures in the world. The Vedas are a collection of hymns that praise a higher power; they contain the oldest recorded Yogic teachings, and are considered a divine revelation. Thus, the wisdom of the Vedas is known as Vedic or Pre-classical Yoga. Vedic Yoga is characterized by ritualistic ceremonies that require Yoga practitioners to transcend the limitations of their original mind.
click here to learn yoga (it may take some practice)
Bush▓s India visit AND India-US nuclear deal
India▓s decision to go nuclear was seen as a strategic move to encounter growing threat from Pakistan & infact India was attacked in 1999 and world over there was serious concern that India or Pakistan might end up using nuclear power.
Being a resident of India, I feel sure that India will not resort to such an alternative. India has had a long history of non-violence, such that India has not invaded another country in last 10,000 years. It is also a country of secular tolerance: Sonia Gandhi (a Catholic born and bought up in Italy) is the leader of the ruling party, Manmohan Singh (a Sikh) is the Prime Minister and Abdul Kalam (a Muslim) is the president in a country where most of the population is Hindu.
The visit by George W. Bush finalized a civil nuclear deal which on some notes is criticized for its timing as the Iran nuclear struggle is going on. The American Ambassador to India, David Mulford, reflects his optimism.
And finally, here is some business news – maybe a bit boring, but do read if you need to manage your pension funds┘

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