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The Notorious MDC

Tatenda Chirusa
The talk for the last few weeks has been about Zimbabwe’s main opposition party the MDC which has been going through some turbulent times. After disagreement over participation in the Senate elections last year, the party into two factions, the Pro-Senate and the Anti-Senate. The Pro-Senate faction (which is the splinter group) just had their own elections and elected an outsider, a former student leader whose views are openly Anti-Senate.
If politics is anything close to rocket science, then the new elected leader of the Pro-Senate faction is the right man, because he actually is a robotics engineer and scientist and worked for NASA among his many accomplishments. There are two stories for this; take your pick or read both!
More political wheeling and dealing
Some opposition leaders were recently arrested in connection to an “arms cache” found by the police in the eastern part of the country. This comes after the main opposition leader went to trial a few years ago on treason charges. So it will be interesting to see how this case shapes up; does the state have a legit case, or is it just intimidation by the police?
Inflation worsens (what else is new)
And just in today, inflation has hit a record high 782% and is on track to hit the 1000% mark predicted by some economists at the beginning of the year. The numbers speak for themselves and the link is below.
And on top of it all, IMF debt looms…
You would think after the news articles above that someone would feel sorry for the poor nation. In actuality, the IMF is continuing its sanctions against Zimbabwe because the country has not paid the debt it owes.
On top of the drought, hunger, high inflation, high unemployment and an economy in the intensive cares, the country has to scrap funds together to pay off the IMF. I’m Zimbabwean so maybe I will always look at this situation differently…but you can check it out for yourself.

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