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Natalia’s introduction (Ukraine)


My name is Natalia, but you can call me Natasha or Nataly, whatever makes you happy! The matter is, back home it’s the same. Natalia is more official, though parents and friends prefer calling me Natasha.
I’m from Ukraine. And, what is more important, I’m from Crimea, which happens to be the best peninsula ever found! Many people believe that we already became an island, as the part of land which connects us to the big land is really small and each year becomes smaller, though people artificially prevent the distruction of it, because there are railways and highways. Anyhow, I claim that it’s absolutely impossible to visit Crimea and not to fall in love with it!

I’m an exchange student and I’ll study in Willamette for 1 semester. Back home I’m a senior and my future profession is interpreter/translator. Here I’m studying rhetorics and German.
I feel pretty excited about being a part of World News and I’ll try to choose the most interesting news, so that you won’t be bored!

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