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Presentation of Josefin from Sweden

I’m Josefin Thoresson and I’m from Linköping University in Sweden. I’m a politics major and I’m going to spend a semester here at Willamette. I’m 22 years old and this is my third year as a student (I’m old, I know, but we have a different education system in Sweden). I’m interested in international politics and hopefully in the future, I will get a job where I can work with international problems or assistance.

Moreover, I’m taking some feminism and gender classes here at Willamette as well because that’s another thing that’s really interests me. My interests outside school are sports, almost all kind of sports except the typical American ones… I like to spend as much time I can in the gym but I like to be in my apartment with a good book as well or hanging around with other international students.

I feel more Swedish than ever here at Willamette and I love to talk about home, so this is a big opportunity for me to tell you what’s going on right now in Sweden. I like to read all kinds of newspapers and magazines about home on the Internet; I don’t want to miss important news about Sweden when I’m here, I’m too curious for that. I’m going to write about important happenings in Sweden and how they view and think about different international questions.

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