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Should Japan Go Nuclear?

For these past few decades, Japan has maintained its three non-nuclear principles of not producing, possessing, and not introducing nuclear weapons into the country. I strongly believe that Japan should never go nuclear because it is the only country that has had a tragic experience of being attacked by atomic bombs, and we should be proud that our country has never kept nuclear weapons in Japan. So we should keep our non-nuclear principals and oppose the nuclear race within the international community and make people understand that nuclear weapons bring only tragedy similar to what happened in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Of course, some people might think that Japan should also keep nuclear weapons in case North Korea attacks Japan. However, despite the fact that Japan has its own self-defense forces, they have no military forces and therefore cannot even defend their own country for any immediate attack. Even though recently Japan was frightened by possibilities of a North Korean nuclear attack, it is strongly felt that they should not join the nuclear race. It is more important to develop latent relationships between North Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries, otherwise Japan and others will be an enemy of North Korea forever. It’s more important to aid the people suffering from poverty in North Korea and prompt North Korea to open their economy to other Asian countries.

Although the foreign minister, Taro Aso, says “Japan should keep nuclear options open, ” we should not allow any changes in the current principles regarding nuclear weapons. If Japan also decides to join the nuclear race, who will be against the nuclear threat in the world? No other countries have the background to stand against it.

The tragedy of Nagasaki and Hiroshima should never be forgotten. Japan should keep its non-nuclear position as leader of anti-nuclear community in the world. With this position, Japan can stress the nuclear mutual defense system in the U.N.

Foreign Minister Aso stresses Japan should keep nuclear options open

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