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Hello there again! My name is John, and I come from Kenya. I am in my second year at Atkinson. Over the last two years, I have tried to find interesting articles about Kenya and what’s happening there. This semester will be no exception as I will continue to find more interesting and diverse issues concerning Kenya.

This is an election year in Kenya, and we may be able to get a clearer picture of the political process in Kenya. Briefly, Kenya is democratic (in paper – this is my opinion). We have a president who has too much power and doesn’t want to share some of the power and responsibility. Additionally, with this power, he governs using the laissez-faire approach which creates numerous problems in the country and he doesn’t want to be particularly responsible. (I hope he gets replaced by the end of the year).

To more positive things: Kenya is on the eastern coast of Africa. A beautiful country with diverse geographical features and a wide variety of wild animals. Tourism is the second most important foreign income earner, after agriculture, in national economics. Of course, we have the famous Kenyan runners, but the favorite sport by far is football (commonly referred to as soccer in America). With over thirty million people, Kenya has its fair share of problems typical to Sub-Saharan countries. However, the culture of the various people in Kenya is diverse and unique in many ways. Hope you’ll learn more about Kenya through my contributions to Willamette World News!

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