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Germany… the moon is waiting for you!

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Fritz Lang was dreaming about it…he was the director of one of the most famous movies ever, “Frau im Mond” (“Women in the Moon”) from 1929. German rocket pioneers and scientists like Wernher von Braun helped the Americans after World War II to develop the NASA space program. So there was always a passion for going up there…to the moon.

Now, in 2013, it will be time to do it. Germany plans a moon mission without European help and without the ESA (European Space Agency, like the NASA in the USA). The German Aerospace Center (DLR – Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) plans to send an unmanned space shuttle to the moon. The aim of the mission: research mineral resources such as helium-3, a rarity on earth, but is used in nuclear research Another aim is to stake Germans’ claim on the moon. Well, there could be another footrace on the moon for resources. However, the most important fact of this mission, which will cost 500 million Euros ($ 658 million), is the development of Germany as a location for science and technology in Europe and in the world.

So Germany should try to land on the moon! Finally, about 84 years later, Fritz Lang’s vision can come true. What a nice dream!
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