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The Russian Fleet is being forced out from Crimea again

In October 1991, when the Soviet Union broke apart, the Supreme Court of Ukraine made a decision that the Chernomor Fleet would belong to Ukraine. On April 5 1992 the president of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, signed an edict, according to which the fleet turned out to be under the administration of a Ministry of Defense. This aroused such a harsh reaction in Russia, that on April 7 1992 Boris Yeltsin signed a decree “About the transition of a Chelnomor Fleet to the jurisdiction of Russian Federation.” After three months of confrontation between two sides, on June 23 Russia and Ukraine came to an agreement that was supposed to create military fleets of both countries with the base in Sevastopol.
In the next years the tension between the two fleets lessened and the two marine staffs began to interact more comfortably.

The Russian Fleet is being forced out from Crimea again
and Turkey is gazing at the peninsula
Vladimir Ogrizko, acting Foreign Minister of Ukraine, declared that the Russian Chernomor Fleet will no longer stay in Crimea. The rent contract with Russia ends in 2017 and Ogrizko thinks there is no point in prolonging it.
Anyway, the presence of the Russian fleet in Ukraine is first and foremost profitable for Ukraine itself, partially because Ukraine doesn’t have its own fleet (to its shame). Moreover, the Russian fleet is the only shield that protects the whole southern region of Ukraine.
Russian military ships in Sevastopol act as a restrictive geopolitical factor in Ukraine. If they are gone, this can bring about very serious consequences. One can easily find a rat that wants a “Crimean pie”. Turkey has been wishing it for quite a long time. It opens schools and colleges in Crimea and make the Moslem youth (mainly Crimean Tatars) study there. They have been talking a lot about the Crimean independence recently. The local Cossack atamans say that if the Russian fleet is gone, even those who were not interested in Sevastopol before will have big ideas about it.
Therefore, the majority of the Crimeans want the Russian fleet to stay. If the Ukraine thinks for itself, it will understand the importance of the presence of Russian military forces in the Crimea.

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