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Youtube vs. Atatürk

I found this to be slightly amusing:
Recently, a Greek citizen had uploaded a video that insulted the revered Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (Turkey’s liberator and national hero) onto the video-sharing network Youtube. The Internet provider in Turkey, called Turk Telecom, in retaliation prohibited all Turkish users access to YouTube in hope that the video would go unseen. The Turkish courts ruled that the restrictions placed by Turk Telecom would be invalidated once the disrespectful video was removed from You tube.

Amid the fiasco and the thousands of sent emails by enraged patriotic Turks, the ever-sagacious owners of Youtube have decided to permanently remove the insulting video from the network. This degree of immaturity: placing videos (or any other optic-like manifestation of insult) in the access of the public is not at all shocking. As long as I could remember, Greeks and Turks have used any means necessary to insult one anothers’ culture, history, and people. Obviously such firmly rooted prejudices have yet to wither among both peoples.
If unsophisticated and infantile acts of disrespect like this interest you, please click on the site below to read more 🙂

Youtube v. Atatürk

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