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Hola Po!

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My name is Karen Cresp and I am one of the Spanish Language Teaching Assistants for this year. I’m from Viña del Mar, Chile. I was born on the Patagonia, in Punta Arenas the most southern city in the world! It is a cold city but has great views with lots of ice and penguins. I now live in a warm, fun, and cool ambiance beach in the middle of Chile. Vina del Mar is surrounded by vineyards, cultural activities, cool beaches, nice people, great weather and a lot of night life; all of which is next to Valapariso. Willamette has an exchange program with Valapariso which is the principal port of my country. If you are interested in this program, feel free to contact me and we can talk. Who knows, maybe I will be showing you around my country soon.

I have graduated already from Duoc UC. My major was Public Relations and I have a minor in Marketing. I enjoy working with others who have different specialties, languages, interests, cultures, and passions like mine because it is an opportunity for learning. This helps to create citizens of the world whom regardless of language and cultural difference can respect and gain knowledge through the experience of sharing.
I worked in Park City, Utah in Deer Valley Sky Resort. It was an amazing experience; I took advantage of the opportunity and traveled a lot. I met people from different countries and learned about other kinds of cultures. Now I want to experience Willamette to the fullest; i want to share my culture, learn yours, improve my English skills and be a student in the United States.
If you want to hang out, feel free to email me!!

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