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Privet! Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Konnnichiwa!
My name is Katryne, you may call me Kate, but in Ukraine it is Katya. I am 18 years old.
I am from the Ukraine,peninsula Crimea, Simferopol. I study in the National Tavrida University at department of law as a junior. NTU is the most prestigious University in the Crimea.
I like traveling. I spent a lot of time abroad and i am interested in cultures of different people. Whenever I arrive in a new country I plunge in their country with curiosity. I haven’t yet in America. But i am very happy that fate has presented me with such this chance to learn. I hope that this trip will be unforgettable and I hope i will gain more knowledge. I arrived here as an exchange student and I will be studying here only for one semester. I am a tutor of Russian language as well.
Also I have my motto:
“I want to live,not exist”
Thanks and good luck everyone!!
Keep in touch!!!

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