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Beer, Tour de France and Czech economy

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I browsed the internet for a while, trying to find articles that would be of enjoyment to everyone. I came up with a cultural-athletic-economical melange that, I hope, will expand your views on the Central Europe.
Beer is a big part of a Czech culture. Many say that Czechs brew the best beer an some brands – like Pilsner Urquell – became world famous. If you ever have a chance to visit Czech Republic, make sure to give a try to this liquid of a divine taste.

I can’t miss anything that is related to cycling. Read about the biggest Czech car-producing factory sponsoring the Tour de France.
And to bring some intellectual aspect to my blog, here is some information about the Czech economy. For the past couple of years, Czech economy has been performing extraordinarily well. When I went back home, for about a month, during the summer, after one year being gone, I was staggered by the new elements of consumerism. In general, a significant growth of wages, EU subsidies, but also an increasing popularity of credit loans, promoted spending that resulted in the highest relative wealth since the pre-Wold War one era. Many argue that this is not sustainable in the long run, because the economic growth has not stemmed from any political reform of public finances. On the other hand, the European Union membership and the general progress of the former behind-iron-curtain economies promise an optimistic future.

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