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The hypocrisy of Swedish hospitality

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Many people who think about Sweden think about all the good stuff: hospitality of the country towards immigrants, free health care, free education including college, the most democratic country in the world and similar thoughts. Although one might get entitled to many of the Swedish societies benefits, there is evidence that shows it might be harder to get into that society.

There could be many examples, and here are two contrasting ones. Below we have two articles about Sweden and the way the country and the government deal with foreign workers coming in from different corners of the EU; and how the country and government deal with immigrants who have fled from war and torment.
The first article shows how foreign workers coming in to Sweden are treated, and says that according to a new EU study, Sweden is best at welcoming foreign workers while Lithuania does least to help new arrivals settle in. I think that this is a good thing and I am proud of it. But it looses some if its impact and “goodness” when we compare it to the other article.
The second article shows how hard it is and has become for people who flee war torn countries to seek refuge in Sweden. It shows that ever since the controversial ruling that the situation in Iraq does not constitute an armed conflict or war, then Sweden has no obligation to immediately accept asylum seekers coming form Iraq.
For me all of this shows somehow that Sweden and also other countries in Europe are building up walls against people not coming form within the Union; although some countries like Denmark and The Netherlands raise them higher than others.

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