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A Oaxacan Market

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A flash of a Oaxacan Market:
On the main square of a historic downtown there are two well known traditional markets in Oaxaca City: Benito Juárez and 20 de Noviembre. ¨Benito Juárez¨is located two blocks southwest of the Zócalo which is the main square in downtown that was built in 1893.

Give yourself a minute and be ready to walk all around to see the chocolate, cacao beans, fresh grounded coffee, natural flowers, chilli, black pottery, mezcal, tequila, handicrafts, and traditional sweet pastries.
Shopping in an Oaxacan market is quite an experience. It is a unique place with long aisles filled with roses, daisies, and orchids on both sides, and if you walk ahead you will find the beauty of handmade dresses known as huipiles which is a Mexican word for special types of embroidered dresses with colorful threads. If you decide to go on your left by the 20 de Noviembre Street you will be amazed and welcomed to a natural glass of fruit water with fresh made ice cream called ¨Nieve¨. You may spend more than 2 hours going back and forth just carried by the enchanted melodies of the vendors saying things like: “Que va a llevar?” “pasele pasele” (what will you take? come in, come in)
I consider this as one of the most exciting activities you can be
surrounded by, since shopping in traditional markets in Mexico is part of a cultural experience that you will never forget. Come to Mexico and of course to Oaxaca and do not hesitate to be taken in and be enchanted by a unique market experience in Oaxaca;the Benito Juárez market.

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