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What are the outcomes of the Annapolis conference?

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In advance, I apologize for not writing on a more fun subject like Christmas and the holidays in Sweden maybe, and it is probably because I think that these issues are more important and and also because I don’t celebrate Christmas. For reading about the holidays and traditions in Sweden, check out Johanna’s post where she tells everything:

Now back to Annapolis
Could it be hope or continued despair? I would say the latter and I don’ think that it will change much during the year. That is because of some indications about the intents for a peace treaty, which is nonexistent according to me, has not much changed.
Continued settlement building: If we want to have peace, why not further build on territories that are internationally illegal (something that even the Legal Counsel of the Israeli Government knew back in 1967). The Settlements are illegal according to Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention where it is states that:

“Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own population into the territory it occupies.”

As ironic as that that might sound, that is exactly what is happening right now. This is not something new since there has been illegal expansion of settlements, that has not been just illegal under international law, but also according to Israeli law for a long time.

Peace in mind: If this is the attitude of Ehud Olmert, then what are the possibilities of reaching an agreement and achieving peace that is viable for all and adheres to parties. But as mentioned, I don’t believe that this will ever happen if the idea is a two-state solution. The Palestinian Territories and enclaves nowadays can’t function as a state entity with both being disconnected from each other and disconnected within territories because of the Israeli Settlements. The only solution that I see as a long term solution is a One-State Solution, with a secular, democratic and federal state for both the Israelis and Palestinian, both Jews and Muslims but also for Christians and all the other peoples in the territories. With more than 400 000 Israeli settlers in Palestinian Occupied Territories, that is pretty much the only realistic solution.

There is a report of the situation “on the ground” as they call it:

Certainly Israeli citizens know that the “U.N. Refugee World Administration reports that as of “November 2006, 40.3% of Palestinian households lived in ‘deep poverty’ (daily per capita consumption of less than $2.10); in Gaza the figure is 79.8%.” And that was a year ago. Today, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency described the situation on November 7 as grim. “Whereas two months ago, there was zero stock of 61 medicines, the figure has now reached 91… There are no fruits and vegetables to supplement the basic rations that 80% of Gaza’s population receive – flour, oil, sugar, a bit of lentils and powdered milk – either from UNRWA or the UN World Food Program.”

I’m not holding my breathe nor do i think that this will happen soon, especially when I read that every way towards peace, is hindered and destroyed. But that is what I’m hoping for in the future as hope should be the last thing to leave us and hopefully I will be alive to see it. In the case of Annapolis I do not see any hope but I could be wrong.
For some further readings; The one I recommend the most is: Media With Conscience, one other is from Znet.
I would also recommend my own blog on Blogger, where one can find more posts on issues of the Middle East.
In case one wants to email, do it on mpourdan@gmail.com

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