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Achachay, Arrarray, Ayayay!

lucia.jpg These words mean: “I am freaking cold, I burned myself, and ouch” in Quechua, the Incas language that some people still speak in the Andean countries. My name is Lucia Norris and this is my introduction.

I am the youngest of 6 siblings, I live in Quito, I study International Relations and Communications and I consider myself a citizen of the world. I believe that every country has its own meaningful and important culture and things to share. I don’t think that there are cultures that are superior to others, or that there are languages that are better, or that there are accents that are more proper. I am having so much fun discovering diversity.
I absolutely love Ecuador, my family and my friends. I never cease to be impressed by the generous nature of Ecuador. A different fresh fruit juice every morning… or just fresh lemonade. Nice warm sandy beaches where you can lay down, enjoy the sun, get a tan, and swim when you are too hot. At lunch, you just grab a “ceviche” at the beach, with fresh fish and shrimp, you eat it right there on the sand… you chat with the fisherman, talk about his family, how he is exploring new places to fish… tells you about their children that are picking up some mussels
…rosy cheeks, cold hands and feet, the freshest air ever, deep breathing, and an inexplicable sense of satisfaction to see the sunrise from the summit of the Andean mountains… thousands of feet high…the sun hitting the snowed peaks volcanoes.
Galapagos, the real Galapagos, the one when you stay at the islands for a couple of days… lonely beaches and amazing friendly animals.
The rain forest, the subtropics where you can find a wide variety of butterflies, birds, monkeys, dolphins, pumas and so many different animals.
Knowing about all the amazing people, the story of an old man standing by a church, the woman that is cooking fresh fish that her husband just caught in the morning, the kids that are picking up stones, the bus driver, people traveling… Everyone has a story to tell and it is one of the most rewarding experiences to share. If you just give yourself a chance and a push, you realize that a step out of your comfort zone actually gives you more comfort…
Through Willamette World News I want to tell you about the people, the nature, and the political and economical dynamics of my country where I have lived since I was born and still find alluring.

Some singers and bands I recommend from Ecuador:
Fausto Mino: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcKN5G0Q88w
Esto es eso: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdmyF1mK44U&feature=related
Tomback: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjupVdED5Io
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