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“Carnaval” in Ecuador

It is surprising for me to be so close to a Carnival and hardly hear anything about it. In Ecuador, we get ready for Carnival a month beforehand. We have a whole holiday specifically for Carnival; this year the carnival will be from the 1st to the 5th of February. We don’t celebrate our Carnival as in Brazil but in Ecuador a Carnival is less exclusive but a lot of fun.

When I said that we get ready a month before, I actually meant, we start “playing” Carnival a month before. The way we play involves water fighting, flour fighting, egg fighting, depending on the city, but everyone plays or at least gets soaking wet.
Some people really dislike it but some others enjoy it a lot, especially the kids. There is one city “Guaranda” where the Carnival is extreme; there is a parade and you are guaranteed to finish up end up in flour and eggs. I suppose you think this as a silly game… and indeed it is silly, quite dangerous from time to time but let me tell you it is an amazing way to release stress.
What I used to do until I was a teenager was to get with friends, have a water fight in a house, and then have a cup of hot chocolate afterwards. Although nowadays we do have spontaneous water fights at home I just get together with friends or family and spend the holiday at the beach, it is the best season to go! The weather is amazing, like 90 degrees, the water you swim in is also so pleasant that one would like to spend hours swimming, surfing or just playing with the waves. The rest of the time one just relaxes at the beautiful sandy beaches with a coconut milkshake, some fruit, and if you want a fresh pina colada!

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