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Sweden and America sitting in a tree…

Swedes are fascinated with the United States of America. There are several organizations in Sweden aiming to a sustained and further development of a stronger relationship between the two countries.

Besides exchange programs between schools, Swedes also like to donate money and honor Americans. A recent example is the creation of Wallenberg Hall at Stanford University in California.The Wallenberg family, one of the most wealthy and influential families in Sweden, donated 15 million dollars to Stanford in order to create The Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning. The center contains state-of-the-art classroom facilities and the interior design is completely minimalistic—totally Swedish.
Another occasion at which Sweden promoted its relationship with America occurred on Wednesday this week. Bill Gates received an honorary doctorate at Karolinska Institute for his contributions to health research through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Contributions that America has made to Sweden are so many that it would be difficult to summon them all. But Coca-Cola and Mac Donald’s are some of the more popular ones and now we eagerly await the arrival of Starbucks.

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