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An Indian Valentine’s Day

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Rising India: is this how we know India — a country with millions of occasions to celebrate? There is more festivals than the number of days in calendar. Now the question is, why do we care for just one festival — St. Valentine’s Day — that isn’t even our own, more than for the others? Every festival has a purpose and its effects just like the St. Valentine’s Day. Where exactly does the Valentine’s day fit in the Indian culture?

I forgot to mention that all relationships owe their existence to the feeling of love that we have for our family, friends, neighbors and countrymen. But we spend a greater part of our life with our better half who cares for us, who is happy when we are happy, for whom we are ready to let go even the most important things in life.
It means that she or he is more than life to us. Do our better halves deserve a day when we can express our feelings for her or him, make them feel special, let them know how much we care for them? Yes, they do deserve it and it also answers my question about “where does the valentine fits in?”
It is the day when you have to let them know what you feel for them, it is the opportunity, not an occasion when feelings are transformed into actions and words. If all these make sense then it will make sense that if a rich culture like India is missing an important day to celebrate, it should encourage such festival.
But I, for one, don’t have to worry about corrupting our great culture. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with. I think there is no harm in change if its for the benefits of all, because something that a lot of people in a society do and accept becomes culture. This is what has gained grounds in recent years and people have accepted it. So its time for all of you to stop reading and approach the only person who has defined your life and make her/him feel special.

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